Notes From

the Sanctuary

Master Tips on Visionboarding

A lot of my friends and clients have asked me, is vision boarding a good tool? How should I be using it? What are the first steps to go about it? Does it even work? Or is it just some fun collage game I can play?

From my own experience, I believe it's a worthwhile first tool to help you be confident in your abilities to co-create with the universe. The first time that you put something down on a vision board, and then you actually receive that thing that you wanted in a synchronistic -out-of-the blue way, it does give you the courage to ask for more things that you might want.

The problem that most people experience is not actually knowing what they want or not aiming high enough or not knowing that it's possible. They also look outside of themselves, at pretty pinterest boards and magazines to give them the inspiration for what they think they should want. So that becomes dangerous because you're not actually creating your life in an authentic way. The other problem is that, it’s not enough to ask for a million dollars, because ultimately it's not the money you really want, it's the freedom and the life that you want to create with it. Sometimes those things you want will be delivered to you in different ways (gifted, donated, discounted etc).

What to put on your vision board:

A few pointers that you can use along the way:

  • Meditate on and really think about each item on your board.

  • Ask for guidance from your higher self, your guides or God (whatever is part of your belief system).

  • Take care of what image you put down to represent what you want and make sure to define what it means to you.

  • Make sure you're very specific about what you put down. If you leave a few details out, you may not get the whole package you wanted. The universe is very literal that way.

When you do receive what you asked for, you do also need to take responsibility for them. If you don’t end up liking what you manifested, then you know you have the power to change it, rather than remain stuck in that reality from a place of “safety.” Figure out what you liked or didn't like about the reality you created and then make a new list. It’s always an evolving and iterative process.

Why you might not receive what you asked for:

If you are approaching the exercise from a lack mindset, or from a point of view that its nice to have but you don’t REALLY believe you will get what you want then you have work to do on your subconscious programming.

Examples of what I mean:

  • Feeling bad about all the things that you wished you had at this point in your life, and ruminating over being a failure for not having them

  • If you are looking for your soulmate from the point of view of impatience, “where is he already?” then you have work to do to find the soulmate within yourself.

  • Comparing yourself to and so has xyz, I’d like to have that as well.

I would recommend to muscle test yourself on every item that is on your visionboard to check: is it possible for me to have it, or I am worthy of xyz. You may be surprised as to what surfaces for you. Once you discover what you have resistance towards, it’s important to try to understand why that is or do healing on your subconscious programming.

For a beginner at vision-boarding and manifesting, I would recommend putting down things that you already have in your life, which you really enjoy doing or that you already possess because the universe loves to give you more things of what you're already experiencing and what you are grateful for.

How to test yourself on what is on your vision board:

Once you have your list, it's really useful to make sure that you know that you can have those things. So if for some reason you test that you don't think it is possible to have one or more of those items, then it's something to reflect upon. As to why, why that is. And oftentimes, it really comes down to subconscious programming or traumatic events where people have told us that we can't have certain things or that it's wrong to have certain things. And so that's a lot of times what kind of gets lodged into our brains. And it's, it's really helpful to unpack what that is.

Here are some suggested downloads that would be helpful to consider in the major areas of your life:

You should never really expect to have anything that you try to manifest for a specific time. First and foremost, it might limit you. I would also be careful with milestones and artificial deadlines. Deadline isn’t even a very good word for our vocabulary - if you consider that the words that you choose matter. Some things can happen spontaneously and miraculously. Some things take patience and other things can happen faster than you ever imagined. Now, of course, you need to have a vision but you have to also just allow things to unfold in a beautiful way.

Divine Timing

Sometimes there's fate involved in which you might meet specific people within your life and it's divine timing, because both of you have to be ready. Whether it's a business partnership, or a romantic relationship, the timing of that is not always exactly when you want it to be, but it's the right time from a universal perspective.

Shifting timelines

Sometimes timelines can change or collapse, when you make a different choice in your life, that really shifts things to either go faster, or to go slower. So if you choose a different career path or you choose to move to a different destination, all these things can really impact your timelines.

I look forward to hearing about your experience with vision boarding. Keep in mind that it is always a spiritual process to continue to evolve and grow from experiences that you have created or allow yourself to decide that you in fact want to choose something else. It is all part of the journey.