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Manifesting and Abundance - How To

On January 20th I led a workshop at Recharj studio in DC on the best tools and techniques I have found for manifesting abundance (financial and otherwise) and I wanted to reflect upon the topic and some of what was discussed here in this blog. Many in the new age community are pointing to - you just need "a high vibration" - as the answer to get everything that you want in your life and then you can just "go with the flow" and the people and resources will fall from the sky. By contrast, many say that if you are focusing on the things you don't want, then by the "laws of attraction" you will continue only to get more of what you don't want.

To me, it is not as simple as that. There are plenty of times that I have willed something negative to go away and to start over - like a job or a relationship - and it did! Equally, I have also found that I have manifested something into existence with persistence and positive thinking only to find out that it's not really what I wanted in the end!

The biggest challenge in manifestation is to truly know what you want. I believe that on the spiritual path there is merit in analyzing what went wrong in any given situation as a form of getting to “know thyself.” but the key is to find the golden nugget - #2 below. Here is what I’ve found to be effective after studying with numerous spiritual teachers in both new age and more traditional and esoteric paths:

1) Let the negative feelings pass through quickly - don’t ignore them, but ask it what it’s telling you and find the meditation technique that works best for you to transmute it. If we let the monkey mind take over, then we will only think about our resentments and regrets, not about taking next steps towards a fulfilled life. If you find yourself continuing to think and talk about what is bothering you, try to take notice and quiet the mind.

2) Unlock the lesson learned and the virtue acquired - for example, did you learn patience or compassion? Did you learn how to stand up for yourself or to be independent? Once you change the framework, you can see that everything that happens, happens FOR you (however painful) because it allows you to progress.

3) Forgive the person or yourself. This is really an important step. Free yourself from the anguish and you will feel much lighter and capable of moving forward. I offer a free consultation and can advise on some customized tools for this purpose.

4) Take action steps and make positive adjustments. Little steps can add up. We should all take responsibility for the things we’ve already manifested in our life and if we don’t like the environment or the people in it, then we have the power to change them. However, sometimes what prevents us from making those adjustments include our deep seated fears and limiting beliefs. For example, you may believe that “I have to work so hard to get anything I want,” which is a western ideological infliction. Instead, why not think “I take great joy and pleasure in progressing towards my goals and it comes easily”? The primary method I work with to release anything preventing you from making positive changes is theta healing.

5) Take the time to notice what IS working well in your life and be grateful for them. Gratitude is the best vibrational energy you can exude besides love. As a bonus - if you become grateful for things as if you have them already, chances are, they will arrive. Because what you set your mind on, becomes a reality. This is the law of correspondence according to the hermetic principles - as within, so without - i.e. whatever is inside, reflects outside.

6) Spend time or be open to communication with your “higher self,” this is the self that has the bigger picture on what you are experiencing and why and he/she makes for the best guide. Be open to receiving those messages through meditations, dreams, or even people and at random times when you have the urge/intuition to do something (or not). Make a point of constantly asking it - “is it in my highest and best good to do X” or “Id like to have X in the highest and best possible way, please show me how.” Often our small self can get in the way because it wants things for the wrong reasons. Get inspiration from a higher place and your manifestation process will go more smooth.

7) Once you’ve gone through the exercise of 1-6, make a list of short term, medium term and long term desires and goals. Start thinking about ways you can make them a reality and be open to ways that they may show up in unpredictable ways (that’s what sourcing from the “flow” means). Don’t be afraid to put BIG things on there, because anything IS POSSIBLE. Allow the chance that it may turnout better than you would have ever imagined. Don’t limit yourself by putting a specific figure down (i.e. like I get 10 clients per week or I get $10K per month). Why? Because sometimes what we really need may be a different number, or maybe what we can achieve is even more than we think.

There are of course more nuances to this topic, but for now I leave you with what I believe are the highlights. Comments, or questions? Please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.