Notes From

the Sanctuary

10 Ways to Boost Your Immunity and Have Fun

Over the years I have built up a number of ways that have helped me increase my sense of wellbeing and joy whenever I might feel that I am fatigued or slip into a negative pattern. Some of these may resonate with you, others may not, but the important thing is that you have your own playbox that you can always refer to, whenever you need an energy boost. Below are some suggestions that can help you create a safe haven for your body, for your environment and for others by focusing on your own sense of nurturing and playfulness. By prioritizing some time in your day for self-care, you will find that your creativity will set off, and you be able to rise above anything that goes on in the material. As a byproduct, you will become an inspiration to others through radiating more light and optimism around you.

1. Play with Flowers. Flowers purify the air and bring you a sense of beauty and calm. They are unique beings that hold high vibrational power. Buy some flowers, plant them in your back yard or take a stroll in a flower garden. Immerse yourself in the visual, colors, smell, touch, feel, texture of the flowers as a form of mindfulness practice. You can also meditate at home and imagine in your mind's eye that you are surrounded by roses and imagine them cleaning up each of your chakras.

2. Tapping with crystals. Tap all your meridian and chakra points with a crystal of choice to wake up all of your organs and banish stress. I use an indigo gabbro (or mystic merlinite) a black and purple crystal, which is known to relieve headaches, help increase circulation as well as increase intuitive/psychic abilities. Another crystal you could use is rose quartz if you are looking to remind yourself to be in the vibrational essence of love.

3. Consider adding Thyme. Did you know that thyme has antiseptic properties and can be used as a disinfectant in the home (and to your throat and stomach)? Find a high grade thyme essential oil and add it to your diffuser. Use some thyme in your next meal or seep it in some hot water and drink it as tea. Better yet, create a natural, alcohol free mouthwash with thyme & peppermint to help balance the natural pH in your mouth. Bye bye viruses. You may even want to create a fun mocktail using thyme, lime, eldeflower, among other herbal ingredients to suit your palate.

4. Bathe or Soak in Salts. Salt has calming and detoxifying effects and supports the immune and lymphatic systems. Try a salt therapy room or explore a salt cave if you can locate one. Try a floating therapy spa - last month I did an event at soulex where we touched on the benefits of meditating in a float tank with 100x the epsom salts. It’s a luxury worth taking for your health, but if you prefer to stay home, deliver yourself some high grade epsom, himalayan or dead sea salts and put them in your next shower or bath.

5. Supplement with Ashwagandha. This ancient medicinal herb well known in India and ayuvedic traditions helps fight symptoms of anxiety and inflammation, increases energy levels, and improves brain function and concentration. I like the get wellness tea by Be Well Teas, as it has both the ashwagandha and echinacea (a popular herb for combating colds) properties.

6. Insert Fun Affirmations. Whether you have an affirmation/mantra practice or not, there have been empirical studies that show that if you consciously insert positive beliefs, it can help cancel out the negative ones. Play around with your affirmations to inspire you and influence others, for example you can say: “I am a bouncing ball of light, I bounce from chair to wall, to basement to roof to my neighbors dog. My dance-like rhythm brings joy to everyone that I come in contact with.”

7. Try listening to ASMR. ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos are of people doing incredibly simple tasks like voice whispering, tapping, brushing, massages and more. Some of them are downright silly, but I find them to be incredibly soothing and somewhat resemble a sound bath experience. I often get a tingling sensation in my crown chakra and it helps me increase my auditory perceptions and take more notice of sounds around me in general.

8. Meditate on nature. Quite the mind and practice imagining a sun, a quiet river or a fireplace, birds chirping, whatever it is that you most admire in nature. Find some music on spotify that may elicit these noises and stimulate a kind of virtual reality of the environment - try binaural beats or solfeggio specific music that allow you to tune your body to a higher frequency. Your body’s cells will adapt itself to the music and you will feel as though you’ve gotten an energy atunement.

9. Have some Elderberry. Some experts recommend elderberry for cold or flu symptoms. You can drink it in tea form, eat it as vitamin C gummies, or find the powder form to add to your water, smoothie or energy drink. They are packed with flavonoids which happens to also help smooth the skin (think acne, sunspots or wrinkles). As a bonus, its very tasty.

10. Singing for your soul. Release your emotions through your throat chakra by experimenting with a singing or chanting practice. If you are distressed, let it be a cathartic way to release your angst and buried conflicts. Because the voice is vibration, it helps communicate directly with our core and can also help connect us with the spirit realms. Try going to a community kirtan or a bhakti yoga class where chanting is an incorporated part of the ritual.