Theta Healing

Become more aware of your thought processes and discover what beliefs you have buried deep in your unconscious brain.

Life Activation

Awaken yourself to the truth that there is more to life then you’ve been told and that you are a powerful creator of your reality.

Ensofic Reiki

Heighten vibration of your body and gently release old wounds and imbalances using the highest and most powerful ray of energy. 

Flourish in    our soul garden.


Michele Parad is the founder of Sanctuary Roots, a healing and advisory company. She works with change-makers and social innovators - those seeking to better themselves and the world around them - to unblock what is holding them back from discovering their purpose or achieving their dreams. By activating one person at a time, she hopes to have a real effect on the mass consciousness, to help humanity reawaken to their power, creativity and freedom. 


Michele is a certified ThetaHealer®, Life Activation  and Ensofic Reiki Practitioner and Max Meditation instructor with the Modern Mystery School. In her spare time, she studies kabbalah, alchemy and quantum physics. 


Based in the Washington, DC area, Michele offers her wisdom and modalities to clients across the U.S. and internationally.


Begin your journey with a complimentary 20-minute consultation.

We will discuss or discover your goals. Based on what you are working on, I will take you through a tailored meditation and manifestation tips,

and a follow-up action plan.

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